London Map Scarves


We make beautiful, hand-rolled silk scarves of London, a stylish and unique fashion accessory for every occasion. Navigate the old-fashioned way, and look awesome doing it.

These maps were originally devised during the war by M19, a branch of the British intelligence services whose main task was to help servicemen evade capture in hostile territory and escape from captivity effectively. Maps printed on silk, cloth and other materials were one of the many ways they achieved this, alongside ones printed and hidden in a range of materials and items including playing cards and board games. The benefits of printing a map on cloth, silk or rayon was that it was smaller, easier to conceal, and also more durable and weather resistant than a paper counterpart. Maps printed on woven material isn't a new process, and examples have been found in China dating back to the second century BC. They were also produced during the American Civil war, but WWII saw a proliferation in their manufacture to match its terrifying scale.*  

They demonstrate a brilliant pairing of design and utility, and we wanted to take the idea forwards by producing our own modern, up to date version, starting with our home city of London. The scarves measure 90cm by 90cm, and are made from hand hemmed 100% silk chiffon. In keeping with the originals, they are printed to an extremely high quality and detail, listing all the streets and stations of Central London, and can very well serve as a functional modern map of the city, along with being lovely to wear! They are also packaged in subtle, nondescript navy tubes to add a sense of mystery and espionage to the overall product.

After receiving an amazing response to the scarves on Kickstarter in early 2015, we decided to open this online store, where we hope more people will appreciate their history and design. We believe them to be a charming and unique memento of London, a wearable collection of the streets and places from which we hope you bring home treasured memories.

*Information sourced from: Bond, Barbara, Great Escapes. Glasgow: Times Books, 2015. Print.

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